Digital Marketing

  • Sale of Discounted Coupon/Membership Cards
  • Discounted coupon will be distributed by our marketing agents by targeting specific audience according to your business nature. We will sale the discounted coupon or membership cards so that the customers will visit at your outlet for availing the deals or getting discount.

  • Email Marketing
  • Email marketing has the highest ROI (Return on investment) of any marketing method, and it is a very effective way to advertise your products and build a strong, ongoing relationship with your customers. It’s quick, it’s easy and with automation you can personally target campaigns to each customer. We have the facility of email marketing for the promotion of your business or brand across the country.

  • Flyer Distribution to Targeted Audience
  • Our marketing agents will distribute your flyers or pamphlets to specific type of audience according to your business nature for the increasing your business sales. The flyers will be provided by the client.

  • Social Media Handling/Marketing
  • We have to facility to handle social media (facebook, twitter and instagram) of companies working in Pakistan. In the current era social media becomes the most popular platform for the growth of different business.

  • Branded SMS Service
  • SMS marketing is an essential part of effective multi-channel marketing. It has proven its marketing value is reaching consumers at scale.

    Frequently Question

    We have compiled a short list of the questions we are asked most frequently by our clients, our FAQs. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please Contact us

    Our prices depend on many factors. To get a better idea of the cost of what you need, give us a quick phone call at +971 5683 83859. We’ll ask a few questions about your project, what features and interactivity you’ll need, who will handle content development, whether or not you’d like to sell online. After this short discussion, we should be able to give you a ballpark number. If you’re still interested, we’ll be happy to develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines the scope, process and costs.

    Once we have all the content (text and images), it should take 1-6 weeks for us to design and build a typical, small scale website of 8-10 pages. The most time consuming phase of any web project is collecting and writing the content.

    Yes. Every site we have built since 2010 has been mobile-friendly. The method we use to achieve this is known as responsive design, which ensures that the site works well on a wide variety of screen sizes, from smartphones and tablets through to small and large desktop monitors.

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