Mr. Saad

Mr. Saad


About CEO

Saad Asif is an entrepreneur of Dubai. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Directions Software. He was born on 7th June 1993 in Dubai, Middle East. He completed his ACCA degree from a renowned university of UK. He got entrepreneurial bug very early in his life. He always prefers to take risks. He was continuously energized by success stories of notorious entrepreneurs. He is a motivated person and always see the glass half full. He remains an optimist in difficult situations and always reminds people around him that better days are yet to come when they complain about difficult conditions. He instills positivity in the surroundings.

He was aware of this thing that it will take a lot of savvy, heightened awareness and good judgment to identify a variable business opportunity and figure out how it can be transformed into a high growth business model. He can foresee the potential in solving a problem he experienced in life. These insights serve to fuel his passion and laid the foundation of a startup in 2008.

His company ‘Directions Software’ is one of the Dominant web development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Marketing companies in the Middle East with a group of specialist developers who excel in giving tailor made web facilities and solutions to clients. He started several business including website designing, content writing, email hosting, search engine optimization, software development, and application development in multiple countries. He expanded his business worldwide and run multiple branches in UAE, USA, Australia, and UK. He used his perceptive powers to dream and craft a vision that guides him through the rest of his entrepreneurial journey.

As soon he identified a viable business opportunity he accumulated intelligence and evaluate all the high-risk, and high- reward aspects of his business. He extracted intelligence out of the market- validated results. He was aware that he needs a lot of charm and drawing power to sell his vision to employees, partners, investors and early customers. He is passionate about his vision and implant same passion, vision and energy in his team.

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