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Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

Trademark registration is a process that allows a company or individual to protect their intellectual property. Trademark registration in Dubai UAE can be done by anyone, whether they live in the emirate or are a foreign national. Once a trademark application has been filed, the trademark application will be reviewed by the relevant authorities. If approved, the business or individual will receive a Trademark Registration Certificate. The application must be notarized and include:

  • The applicant’s full name.
  • Mailing address.
  • Description of goods or services.
  • The meaning of the mark.

In the UAE, trademarks can be a name, image, symbol, or inscription. They are designed to distinguish one company or business from another. Trademark registration protects a brand and prevents other companies from copying it. It is a legal requirement for businesses to protect their intellectual property, especially their brand name and logo. In Dubai, the Ministry of Economy is the official authority for trademark registration. There are several costs involved in the process.

Steps to Register a Trademark in Dubai UAE

Once you have registered a trademark, you must advertise the mark in two Arabic-language newspapers and pay the required fee. The trademark is then subject to examination by the Ministry of Economy. After examining the application, the Ministry will either approve or reject it. If you are unsatisfied with the Ministry’s decision, you can file a complaint to the Trademarks Committee or Civil Court. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will receive a registration certificate.

Once you’ve decided on a name for your company, registering a trademark is the next step in the process. It is usually completed through the filing of a trademark application. The registration process will take anywhere from five to six months, depending on the number of classes of the mark. Once your trademark has been registered, it will be valid for ten years. If you plan to use your trademark for more than one year, you can extend its validity.


A trademark is the name of a product or service that is distinctive and distinguishable in the marketplace. Many people think of trademarks as brand names, and a trademark owner wants to protect his product or service from being copied. In addition to protecting his rights, a trademark protects the safety of consumers. However, this process can be intimidating if you haven’t passed the bar exam yet. Read on to learn more.

Trademarks are protected by law and can only be used on a specific class of goods or services. Delta, for example, is a name brand for an airline and a faucet. It must accurately describe the product and cannot be misleading or offensive to any third party. Additionally, trademarks cannot be 3-D shapes or words, nor can they be misleading or deceptive. The application process can take as long as 18 months, and several stages are involved.

A trademark is an identity that identifies and distinguishes a good or service from those of other companies. It is a sign of ownership that signals to consumers where the product or service comes from. A trademark protects a brand and prevents unfair competition by preventing other companies from using it. Trademarks are registered, including brand names, logos, and service marks. Sometimes, a trademark can be a name or a logo.

Types of Trademarks registered in Dubai UAE.

The UAE has a trademark registration system that allows applicants to register any mark they like. A trademark can include any word combination, the design of a logo, or an image. Trademarks are recognized worldwide and can be applied by natural persons or legal entities. Sometimes, vocalized sounds associated with a trademark are deemed a fundamental element of a trademark. Unlike patents, however, no regulations limit trademarks to two dimensions.

To register a trademark in the UAE, you must first determine what the law says about trademarks. It defines a trademark as “a symbol, word, or logo that is distinctive to the business”. It is an essential part of the business identity, and a trademark serves as a personification of that company’s success. In other words, it won’t be easy to distinguish if someone else uses your trademark.

How to register a trademark in Dubai UAE

To get a trademark in the UAE, it is necessary to apply for registration. There are seven emirates in the UAE, and trademark registration in one of these emirates protects the brand name of the goods and services sold by that company. You must pay an application fee of AED 1,000, which must be settled within 30 days after the trademark is published. If the trademark is rejected, you have the right to appeal to the concerned office. Alternatively, you may choose to opt for an emirate that is closer to your heart.

The cost of registering a trademark in the UAE varies. You can pay around AED 8,700 for the registration process, including publication fees in two Arabic newspapers and a Trademark Journal. The Ministry of Economy oversees the trademark registration process in the UAE, and AURION’s service will guide you through the entire process. You can appeal and make any necessary changes if your application is rejected.

What is the validity of the trademark in Dubai, UAE?

Trademark registration is crucial if you want to protect your brand in the UAE. Trademarks are any distinctive sign or word a business uses to identify it as its own. They are registered as intellectual property, allowing the legal owner certain rights. A trademark is essential, whether a word or symbol, a logo or an image or any combination. Here’s how to register your trademark in the UAE.

Once your trademark application is approved, it’s valid for ten years. Once registered, you can extend this duration every ten years. The Ministry of the economy will check to ensure that your application meets the requirements. Once approved, your trademark will be published in the official journal and two local newspapers. This publication will ensure that other parties can’t use your trademark as their own. Once approved, your trademark will be protected for up to ten years.

Trademarks in the UAE are valid for ten years from the filing date, and trademarks in the UAE are renewable for similar periods. You can pay the renewal fees during the last year of your registered period. If you’re filing your renewal late, you’ll be penalized with a late renewal fee of US$1,366, including publication fees, but excludes tax. However, if you file your renewal application on or before the expiration date, you’ll have a grace period of three months.

Cost of trademark registration in Dubai UAE

The price of trademark registration in Dubai UAE has dropped by 33%. The cost of registration has been reduced from 12000 AED to 9700 AED. This fee does not include the filing/publication fee or the fee for conducting trademark searches. This fee assumes that all processes go smoothly and does not include any courier charges. Hence, this fee is affordable for even small businesses. The government of the UAE is trying to encourage the usage of trademarks in the country.

The first step in trademark registration is to search for a suitable trademark and choose appropriate assets. Next, you must submit the necessary documents and pay the required fees. You can hire a trademark registration expert to help you with the document preparation, the application form submission, legal translations, and fee payment. Once you’ve submitted all the required documents and paid the fees, the Ministry of Economy will review your application form and notify you if your trademark application has been accepted.

How to Renew Trademark in Dubai UAE

If you have registered your trademark in the UAE, the next step is to renew it. Trademark registration in the UAE is valid ten years from the filing date, and you can renew it for similar periods every ten years. The renewal fee is payable in the final year of the trademark protection period. However, you have a grace period of three months in which you can apply for a renewal. If you apply late, you may be penalized, but you can still renew your trademark. The Trademark Office will publish your renewal application in the Trademark Journal and two local Arabic newspapers.

You will need to submit a complete application for registration. You must apply to all the seven emirates. If you are applying for a trademark for a non-Dubai business, you must file separate applications for each class. You must pay the registration fees within 30 days after the date of the official notification. Otherwise, late fees will be charged. In case of rejection, you may appeal within 30 days. Otherwise, your application will be considered withdrawn.